I'm a very laid back guy just looking for friends. Instagram/jlo138

jlo138's PROFILE
Real Name: YouTube.com/jlo138
Marital Status:
Occupation: Night Shift-Stocker/Stalker/Vampire-Got Blood? Lol
City: PairUgamers, PairU-holiX and Para-holiX
State: TX
Country: United States
Member Since: August 04, 2007
jlo138's INTEREST
General: I record and edit our videos.
Hobbies: My Daughter Audrina, Paranormal Investigator, Drawing, Basketball, Youtube videos, repairing game consoles, and Photoshop.
Music: Rap-HipHop-R&B-('80s '90s Rock-Uploaded lots of VIDS & TONES!) I don't listen to the radio.
Movies: Gladiator
Television: The Office, Mythbusters, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, DBZ, ESPN, Science, Discovery, History, Basketball(Lakers,Rockets), Ancient Aliens, Dark Matters, The Simpsons Finding Carter and NBA TV.
Books: Do people even write those anymore?
Games: Cartridge, Roms, or on Disc? Tetris, Metal Slug, Mario games, Minecraft, The Simpsons 4 player Arcade, F-Zero, NBA Jam and Crazy Taxi.
Heroes: My Daughter Audrina, Kobe Bryant
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