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Linkin Park
Centro Help no.2
Ya can also download straight from without having to anything extra.
Linkin Park Street team
Every body that can, please help out "Lady Precious" shes on the Lp street team an needs a simple click on the url in her funblog.
Centro Ringers Upload Help
2 programs needed. -Palm files (click on "My Centro". Goto "Bonus" tab and install it) -MusicTones vt.0 Note : Im using a micro SD card. After you install those two programs go ahead and launch "Blazer "and navigate to "" . Pick wich ringer ya want (mp4) an Click "save ringer to computer". Select "save to card". Then press "yes". It will confirm that the file is saved to the card. Now hit the "Home" button and open up the "files" application. Navigate to this path PALM

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